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Aunt Mac comes to town #NiHaoYall

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Aunt Mac comes to town #NiHaoYall

Whew! What a whirlwind month March was. Quit my job, found a job, went to Bora Bora, and then had a awesome visit from my Aunt Mac and we went to Beijing for a week.  What a hoot it turned out to be! We had so much fun, showing her around, exploring Beijing, trying new foods, and just making some awesome memories. I made a hashtag called #NiHaoYall for all out photos, so if you search Instagram you well all our adventures 😉

I’m going to turn things over for a bit to my Aunt who was kind enough to write out a few things from her visit.


First I have to say how excited, and proud I was to have Ryan and Paul invite me to tag along with them to Bejing.  (China – I was really in China!!)  My friends were all telling me how blessed I was to have nephews invite me for such a trip, and all I could say was I know.

As you may know I flew to Singapore first (all by myself for the first time) and Ryan and Paul already had a tour set up for me on my first day (they still had a couple days to work before vacation started for them.  With directions in hand – I was off to meet the tour guide.  It was a wonderful experience going through Little India and learning so much about Singapore and yes seeing the sights.  We toured the Buddist Temple and I learned so much.  I was especially enthralled by the story the guide told of Ganesh – the elephant headed boy. There was a huge fish in the wet market, one of Ryan and Paul’s favorite places, that had another large fish sticking out of its mouth like a tongue.

On the way home, even with directions I got turned around in the subway.  As I was looking at my directions, a lovely young Singapore lady asked if I needed help.  She looked at my map and the map on the wall and said she knew which exit I should take and she was going that way.  She held my elbow up the steps and across the street putting her umbrella over me to protect from the sun and insisted on walking with me almost to the front door of the apartment building. I was very impressed with the friendliness of the Singaporeans.

The next day I was off to the Gardens by the Bay and to explore the MBS (Hotel that looked like 3 towers with a ship on top).  The Gardens were exquisite with tulips in full bloom.  Off to the MBS to the top to see the infinity pool and the breathtaking view.  I explored the waterfront, of course, saw Merlion where an Indonesian lady asked (with hand motions and camera) to take a picture of me.  Guess it was old white haired white lady that was so strange to her!!  I saw the line of people waiting to pass the body of LPK the former, much loved and respected prime minister of Singapore.  The guys had recommended taking a taxi back but I saw the bus stop first and figured out to get back.  Off I went – no problem but Ryan and Paul  were amazed that I had done it.

Ryan had taken the day off on Friday to personally be my tour guide.  Off  we went to Little India and as we crossed the street the first thing I saw was a big circle with “ALBERT” on it.  Ryan took my picture and it made me both sad and happy knowing that my much loved husband, and Ryan’s Uncle Al could not laugh with us, but he was indeed with us.


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