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New job, AKA, I’m being paid to do this!?

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So I have a new job. After 3 yrs at my current place, it was time for a change. In a way my job had been a real blessing. After the disaster that was my first job in Singapore, this was a safe harbor away from drama and stress, with some decent work and trips to India, and a small but friendly staff and office environment. But over the last year I’ve felt I was starting to just ‘tread water’ Our work was tapering off some, my big project was wrapping up and it seemed like there was not much on the horizon that tempted me to stay. About this time Paul and I had been discussing leaving Singapore to explore a new part of Asia, or even move back to USA. I thought I would stay on thru 2015 and then in 2016 we might make a change. So I asked for a raise, I figured with a little bump (I had not had an increase since I started there) I could hang out a bit longer and be happy. But that was not to be. No raise was granted and I told the boss on the spot I could no longer stay if that was the case and it was time for me to go. No, I did not have a new job lined up at this point. No, the resume and portfolio was not assembled yet. And No, I did not have any job leads. Paul was away in China, and this was the first bit of news he got when he came back. Yes, that went over about as well as you might expect. 🙂

But fear not, I have landed on my feet and found a new job. I’ve joined a new firm here in Singapore and I start the first week of April. The new job found me via LinkedIn, and after a Skype interview, followed by a brief meet and greet, terms were agreed and new job was obtained. In fact the email with the offer came thru while we were swimming with the Whale Sharks.But there was a catch…. it seems that they needed someone rather quickly for an upcoming meeting that would overlap with my 4 week notice period at the old job. It seems they needed me to go for one week to….Bora Bora for site meetings!! I mean really! Are you kidding me?

Well, luckily my old boss was a nice guy and had no hard feelings about me leaving. He gave me a 1 week off to go with the new job, and thus our hero finds himself in freaking Bora Bora! for a week to do meet and greet with new client and start getting up to speed on my new project. #blessed is an understatement.

So, there you have it. New job obtained, first project is in Bora Bora, my week with the new boss went well, and I am off on a new adventure. I look forward to seeing what the future holds as always.

A few pics from my trip. It’s an amazing place.


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