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#TopSecret (part 2)

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#TopSecret (part 2)

When last we left our heroes they were in the sunny Maldives, having gotten a job offer for London and apparently deciding (twice!) to get married….

So, how does one end up in Chicago in Winter to get married? Well… We started under the assumption that we would need witnesses and we have some very dear friends in Chicago. Greg was a friend of Paul’s from long ago, and Lisa and Len went to LSU with me. We actually thought we were going to do a courthouse wedding and then a big dinner with a few friends and family. After some research we found out that witnesses were not needed but we liked the idea of Chicago because it was an easy hub of travel for family and for us coming all the way from Singapore. And with that Chicago was set.

Because we were keeping the wedding to a small affair we did not want to do a big announcement until it was all done. At the same time, as you recall, I’m lousy about keeping happy secrets….So #topsecret2 was born. We only told a few friends whom we invited and then our friends in Singapore under orders to keep things off Facebook.

It’s now September and we having a wedding, a job offer, but no start date… The problem is that Paul is too popular 🙂 His current boss did not want to let him go until a new hire could be found and trained by Paul. Of course it’s hard to set a date and make reservations until that’s all done. Added to that is that before we go to the London we wanted to get married so that adds time to the planning as well. So we waited. and waited. and waited.

November comes and a replacement was found and the  clock started ticking on our planning. January 18 was set as our departure date to head to Chicago, get married, apply for our visas and then get to London for Feb 11. Easy right?

Luckily as I said, we were doing a very simple ceremony and reception which meant for low drama and stress. Our friend Greg was kind enough to help us get a room at the University Club which was super close to the hotel we were all staying at. We ended up in the bar lounge which was set up with lounge chairs and tables and had a nice relaxed feel to it.

But, lest you think this was stress free, there was one hic-up. It seems the same weekend we decide to get married is the same weekend DC gets a nutso, crazy snowstorm. DC gets some snow, but this was big one and it shut down the airports! Alas, this means that several of our friends who were coming from DC were not  able to get out in time and could not make it to the wedding 😦 Now, in the big world of ‘odds’ you would assume that Chicago would have been the one to get a storm, but no, the Universe had other plans this time. This was of course a major downer as we only invited a few people and were sad they could not attend our celebration.

The other irony of that is that had we done the wedding in DC many of our family would not have been able to attend. So, despite some complaints about a Winter wedding in Chicago (ahem, I’m looking at you Mom 🙂 ) it turns out it was a good thing we choose Chicago as our family was able to be there to celebrate this happy occasion.

So, wedding done, visa obtained, here we are in London. I wonder if I can change the blog name?












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  1. Bernardine McCusker

    So glad to hear you are settled in London. STRESS FREE:) we both enjoyed reading your wedding adventures. Many thanks, Bernardine and Frank


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