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#TopSecret (part 1)

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So, big apologies, I have been completely remiss in my updates. I’ve got some good (and some not so good ) excuses for being away. Lots of changes in our lives the past few months. We’ll have to get back to China adventures with Aunt Mac in a bit.

First off the big, exciting, super awesome, happy fun time news….Paul and I are Married!!!!!!

That’s in part because of our other big news, we have moved to London!!!!

Those two event are intertwined so bear with me for a bit of a story…..

We had been planning on moving in 2016, with the idea we were headed to Seattle. Why Seattle? Why not? We visited a few years ago and liked it (it was the pre Singapore destination in fact) But then, over dinner out with co-workers Paul found out about a job opening in London. Now, in the past when discussing places to move expensive cities were always ruled out, so no to NYC, and no to London. Paul came home and we talked about it, but felt no, London was not the place for us. This went on for a few days until one Wednesday morning, Paul says, are we sure London is a No? Well, over a bowl of Cheerios we decided, what the heck, let’s do it! and Paul put in that morning for the position. Really, it was like that. A week of no, it’s not for us, to OK, let’s do it, just like that. And the saga started.

One of the key factors in our decision was that un-married partners could come on the type of Visa Paul was getting and thus I could work. Great! So the interview process starts. And it continues. And continues. And Continues…….you can go grab a cup of coffee if you like, cause it Continues for quite some time. This was in August.

As some of you may or may not know, I am notorious about having trouble keeping secrets. This is especially true about happy secrets as I love hearing and sharing good news. So, after the second interview, I was BUSTING to tell someone about the news, but Paul was much more reserved about sharing until the ink was dry on the new offer and since that goal was taking FOREVER I was really having trouble keeping this under wraps. So…I had start telling someone so I started telling people, but then told them it was #topsecret and they could not tell anyone. Now the problem with that is that I did not tell just one person. I told a LOT of people, and soon #topsecret was the #worstkeptsecret in town! sigh. A career in the CIA is not in the cards for me.

Time marches on the corporate wheels slowly turn and low and behold Paul gets the job! (well done sweetie). We are now in September. As a side note, what felt like an eternity for us apparently was considered ‘a fast track’ by the corporate team. Is this what Einstein by time being relative?

So, next step, visa applications. We speak with a visa consultant and he says for unmarried partners we need to provide some original documents that show our intertwined lives. Easy enough we think, we own property together, have joint bank accounts, ect. We look into getting past statements from the bank and the consultant drops this bombshell on us. When he said original, he means ORIGINAL. As in the ones that come in the mail. As in W.T.F.?! first off, most of that comes by email in this day in age, and second, who keeps two years of records?! sigh. So, slightly panicked, we ask what happens if we are married? Oh, that’s easy we are told, 10 days application, review, and approval barring any problems. But, he says, no need to panic just yet, let’s see what we can do. So, about this time, we have unexpected holiday in Singapore due to elections (elections are a public holiday there) and Paul was able to get us a room a the Conrad in Maldives. That Friday before we leave, we are having dumplings at Din Tai Fung. Hemming and hawing about what the visa guy had just told us, I finally laid down the law. 1) either we are able to use documents that we can obtain easily to prove our un-married status or 2)

this is when Paul interrupts me and says “or we cancel London and head to Seattle” I kid you not, that was his suggestion. Keep in mind, he’s been offered and accepted the job at this point….

I say, no! 2) we get married and be done with it. Of course we are not going to abandon London. Now eat your dumpling and stop being silly.

Now, I know, that’s is not the most (or even close) romantic thing. Really, I do. It reads worse than it really was, I promise. We had talked about marriage on and off for some time, but since we could not in Singapore, and it only became legal nationwide in the US in 2015, I think we assumed when we headed back to the USA we would tie the knot. This just pushed our plans up some. Keep in mind we have been together for 13 years, so we weren’t going anywhere at point 🙂

So, the next day we head off to Maldives. More on that later. Saturday morning we wake up and as we head to breakfast, Paul says to me, he says “come on let’s go to breakfast and we can start planning the wedding”

Wait, what?

What do you mean? Planning the wedding?

He says, yeah, we talked last night, about getting married right?

At this point I’m quite confused. I said yes, that was Plan B. He tells me Oh,I did not think Plan A would work, I figured we would go on to Plan B and get married.

Me at this point: ‘WE’RE GETTING MARRIED?!” I repeat that a few more times before giving him a big kiss.

Seriously, this is how it happened. Over Din Tai Fung soup dumplings and before breakfast at the Conrad Maldives. Sigh.

So, now we are engaged and Paul has as new job. It’s all down hill from here right?

Coming soon…part 2 AKA who in their right mind gets married in Chicago in January and the birth of #topsecret2


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  1. Love hearing the back story!! I can’t believe you guys have been together for 13 years already!


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