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Geoffrey Bawa

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Geoffrey Bawa

Geoffrey Bawa is a very famous Architect from Sri Lanka. One of his homes nera Bentoa beach where we stayed has been preserved and is now used as a guesthouse and also for tours to learn more about him and his work. We took a tour of the grounds and structures, but could not go in because all the rooms were booked.

Two things, the grounds were lovely and it was great to see it. However, due to the heavy rains, it seems the grounds were infested with the most  horrible, angry, mean, no-good, dirty rotten, big as a house, stark raving mad….Ants!!!! OMG. It was horrible. I don’t think they had stingers, thank god!, but they did have mandibles, and the bit!!! I mean, really went to town. They would swarm onto our shoes and ankles and go to town. I assume they just bit, because there were no welts afterwards, but there was sharp pain. Needless to say it made it practically impossible to enjoy the tour because we had to keep hopping and jumping to avoid standing still for too long. Our guide said it was because of the rains, their nests are in the trees, but they got knocked down in the rain. I don’t know why they were so angry, but I wish they had not taken it out on me!!

Anyway, the grounds were great and it was nice to take the tour. But only seeing his house from the outside was a bit of a let down.

Later we tours his brother, Bevis’s home and we found that to be much nicer in many ways (first among them, NO ants!) Also, yes, his brother’s name is Bevis….


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  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing. K


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