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Lion Rock Fortress

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We visited Sigiriya – Lion Rock Fortress- for our first outing. One thing we found overall is that the sites were nice, but he entrance fees were quite steep. $25USD and $30USD was a common figure we saw. Lion Rock was the same, expensive to get in, plus a tour guide (no signs, so a self guided tour would not have worked) for frankly not much of site. It’s mostly in ruins at this point. It’s a very nice walk (did I mention those cool temps?) even in the rain, but the $25USD fee was steep. The real show is way up high for some painted frescoes of Apsaras (ladies from Hindu Myth) and then at the very top you have an amazing view of the area which is quite cool.

The painted ladies:

The grounds themselves were nice, with 1000+ steps up to the top, many of them original in white stone (so you can see them at night, smart!) The photos don’t do it justice, it’s quite spread out. There’s not much of the structures left anymore but there was a winter palace up high on the rock and a summer palace lower at the base.



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