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People in Ubud

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People in Ubud

One of the things I enjoy about Ubud is the people. People there are so friendly. Granted some are just offering massages and taxi rides, but everywhere you go, I find they smile and say hello. I like Singapore, I really do, but I miss being around people who are more outgoing at times. People here are very closed off at times, there’s little interaction when you are out and about. In Ubud, we would pass people in the villages or at stores and be greeted with ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. You could just tell that people in Ubud were OK to speak to you and ask how your day was. It always refreshing and adds to the enjoyment of our time there, being around so many friendly, outgoing people.

So, of course I could not help but take a few (Paul would say a lot) of photos of some of the people we came across. Most of these are from our hike and bike tour thru the rual village areas.


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  1. Love these! Do you ask them if you can take their picture?


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