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We may be cursed….

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Well, there’s no easy way to say this to be honest. We are cursed. For the THIRD time now, someone coming to see us from the USA has had to cancel their trip at the very last-minute (as in days before arrival!) due to a family illness or injury. Our friend Greg had to cancel mid-flight at a layover when we were meeting him in Turkey. Last year my parents canceled due to the death of my grandfather when they were coming to see Singapore and Bali, and this November, our friend Tammy had to cancel a few days before arriving due to an unexpected illness with her mother. Oh man!

I don’t know who we upset in the Universe, but I promise I am sorry! Don’t let this discourage you kids from booking some tickets to come see us though OK?

Well, even though we were sad about Tammy, all the arrangements for Bali were made and paid, so we forged on and took a week to enjoy my favorite place on earth, Ubud. We’ll continue to say that this is research the next time we have guests come to visit, assuming we can break this curse….


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