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Well, aside from the fact that Tammy could not join us, we had a great time in Bali once again. It was off to a rough start when we arrived though. 1.5 hours to get thru immigration!!! Even Paul was losing his cool, which is saying something. It did not help he had an old Chinese Uncle who kept nudging him the whole time.  This was the first time we’ve had that kind of problem, they were just slammed with too many planes arriving at one time, and not enough desks to process people. Almost all the desks were full, and the staff moves fast enough, but too many people were arriving and it made a big bottle neck. I hope they correct that soon.

But, once we got over that shock it was smooth sailing. We stayed at a great villa Paul found. It was close to downtown Ubud, but down a small lane, and then only accessible by walking or scooter (no cars) and you soon found yourself surrounded by rice paddy fields. Sublime. They had just finished the rice harvest and every morning there were 50-75 ducks making their way thru the fields, waddling and quacking the whole time as they ate the left overs from the rice paddies.

We did the usual routine, which is fine. A walk thru the rice paddies and a local village. Great weather and a nice way to relax. The next day was a bike tour (all down hill) thru some paddies, but a lot of village areas as well which was interesting. A spa day, and some shopping in Mas village. Plus pool time at the villa, Naughty Nuri’s for ribs (YUM!) and in general lazing about.


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  1. I wish I could have been there!! I def want a do-over!!

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