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There’s are reason they are called unmentionables….

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Hello kids! How are things out there? We are back from a quick trip to Bangkok where we took a walking food tour (yummy!), saw a fantastic new mall design and in general ate lots of great food and had some laughs.

As you may, or may not, know, I’m not one to be bashful about many things….but on this recent trip I realized I do have a minor modesty hangup!

As we wandered about the street markets I must confess I  was embarrassed ( confused? amused?) by all the underwear displays at the market! I have no idea why, but the idea of standing on the street to buy some undies while all these people are walking around, and they are not even in a discrete box, totally made me blush!!!

I mean, they are just stacked up in all shapes and sizes:

download (30)

I did not take that picture, but it’s just like this at all the markets.

So, while out looking for a bag for Paul I forced myself to buy some from the market. I picked out a pair of “Calvins” and the girl hands me an XXL large pair! I said no, I’m not that big, no sir kha, you are kha, trust me kha (Thai women end everything with the word ‘Kha”). She grabs a measuring tape and measures me by wrapping her arms around my waist and then measures the Calvin’s, and says kah, this size kha. All this in the middle of the market. Mortified.Luckily it was Sunday morning, and there was not much foot traffic at this location.

So now that’s ticked off the list of experiences. Buy undies from a Thai girl from a market while people wander about behind me….check!



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  1. You should have been flattered she thought you were “large”! 🙂 KHA!


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