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I’m super happy to have gotten this new art piece from an artist here in Singapore. Her name is Deborah McKellar and she’s the artist behind Talking Textiles ( She’s made a series of amazing blocks and that she then prints onto pillows, tea towels, old tea crates, and canvases. I’m not sure if you will be able to tell in the photo, but each of the patterns (the bowls, the shop house, the bird,ect) are blocks that are coated with a color and then pressed onto the canvas. The result is a contemporary take on old Singapore imagery which I loved. I was introduced thru a friend right before we went to the USA. I had been thinking and thinking about her work, and it just so happened that the same friend introduced Deborah to a co-worker of mine for a potential project. When my co-worker was going to visit the studio during the week,  I decided to play a little hookie for a short visit to go to the studio as well. Lesson learned kids, sometimes it pays to play hookie! The piece I got was going to part of an upcoming show, but I saw it and decided it was time to take the plunge and just buy it, so now it’s mine, all mine! (er, ours if Paul is reading this). Now we just have to find a wall to put it on…..

talking textiles art


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  1. I just love this, Ryan! There is so much going on there I could look at it for hours!


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