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Bali time (again)

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Bali time (again)

We took another trip to Bali recently. Well, I took a long weekend, Paul took 5 days. It seems he could carry over some vacation time from last year, but only until March, so he HAD to take some time off or lose the days he had left over from last year. Tough life right?

Well, what better place to burn some vacation time than our favorite island, Bali. Paul headed to Ubud for some R&R and then came down to Nusa Dua to stay at the Conrad where I joined him. Since I was only there for Friday night thru Sunday we just planned one outing on Saturday. We book a boat and went snorkeling in Lemogwan, which is  a short boat ride from the main island. We spent the day snorkeling at three different sight, followed by a nice lunch at a beach shack (nasi goreng, yum!) and then a sea kayak tour thru a nearby mangrove. A fun filled, and tiring Saturday. Sunday was spent lazing about the pool and truly relaxing.

I must say I was in love with the landscaping at the Conrad, they did an amazing job with little areas to explore and discover during the day and the night.

The snorkeling was great. Crystal clear water, lots of fish, and a nice treat.


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  1. Olala! Bali is fantastic destination. Nice shots! Bye. K.

  2. Pictures are beautiful – thanks for sharing. But there is no way Paul had vacation days to carry over 🙂


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