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Lion Dance Competition

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We made it to the Lion Dance this year. We’ve always been travelling before (if you can imagine) but this year found us in town, and able to finally able to check it out. I must say the groups at the competition are much better than ones you get at openings during the typical CNY celebrations. These guys were jumping and leaping on poles raised in the centre of the stage area. The competitors came from all over SE Asia and put on quite a show. If you have not seen one before, the ‘lion’ consist of two guys, the back and the front. They form a the lion, who dances and jumps to a very long drum/gong/cymbal beat in a ceremony to bring good luck and fortune to a place (office, home, retail). The Lion goes thru a little dance each time. There’s always a treat left as an offering for the lion to discover, so when it starts the lion dances around, at then ‘spots’ the offering and does a happy dance around it.


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