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4 hour bike ride AKA Merry Christmas

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We rented bikes on Christmas day to check out some of the trails near our hotel. We stayed at a great Hilton, right on the lake, but around the bend from the main center of town. It was about a 20 min van ride into town, but our location was very nice and quiet. It was also situated on some of the bike and running trails which was nice.

The weather had been a little cloudy with some misty rains, but for the most part quite nice. We set off on our bike that morning, to head over to another lake, where we planned to have a picnic lunch and then return for Christmas Dinner at the hotel.

The trail map said our path was mostly Level 1, with a few hills that were medium challenging. This turned out to be a case of you say easy, and I say what the F$#! is with these hills!!!! Oh my. For the most part yes the trail as nice. But the hills. My God, the hills. These were take your breath, burn your legs, push, push, push, killer hills. Luckily there were not that many, but the ones that were there were t-o-u-g-h.

The landscape was stunning. We kept stopping to take photos. Alas, shortly a ways into it, we started getting some misting rain. We pushed thru (and up) finally making it to the other lake for our lunch break. That’s when it really started drizzling. And seemed to get a little colder. 2 hours out. We quickly finished lunch and decided it was not worth hanging out in the cold and wet, when  there was a nice warm hotel waiting for us.

Did you know that what goes up, must come down? But at the same time, every hill you take headed out, must also be faced going back, after you are already tired. And it’s raining. And it’s getting colder? So, we find ourselves tired from 2hrs of riding and hills, now making a return journey. It was a long ride home. Hills that had been biked had to be walked up. And even that was tiring. Luckily, the scenery was still stunning. We also saw TONS of rabbits, sheep, a horse, and birds.

The last leg is the best and worst. Worst because you are exhausted. Best, because you know it all be over soon and at the hotel is a steam/sauna that will thaw you out. On the last leg, we were just starting a slight uphill slope when my front tire veered off the path. I had to put my feet down to catch me and the bike from falling, so no biggy and it was clear I was not hurt. As Paul peddled past me up the hill he looked over his shoulder and yelled “I would stop by I have momentum!”. After 4 hours, in the rain and cold, I can’t say I blame him. 🙂


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  1. I can just picture Paul zooming by you – LOL!!

  2. I love Paul’s comment!


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