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Stunt plane ride over the lake

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Stunt plane ride over the lake

While I don’t really need much, aside from more vacation time, this year I did treat myself to a stunt plane ride courteous of some Christmas money from Mom and Dad (thanks guys!).

The ride was amazing. The plane was as YAK-52, two seater plane. Pilot in front, me strapped in behind. It flies somewhat low to the ground, goes out over the lake for some great views and then does loop-de-loops, a barrel roll, and some spins. It was so cool. The only downside was that is was much too brief. I really wish there had been more loops and rolls to be honest. Still, it was an amazing ride and a real treat.

I went up with a company called Double X Aviation the owner/Pilot was a guy name Peter who took care of me, his wife was kind enough to pick me up from the Hilton and bring me to the airport since it was so close.


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  1. There is a reason the plane is called yak…


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