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Queenstown, NZ

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Queenstown, NZ

Well Christmas found us in Queenstown NZ for a week. Where to begin. Super friendly people? check. Amazing cool weather? check. A lake that is crystal clear and an amazing shade of turquoise? check. Food that was a sublime delight full of flavours that I’m making mental yummy noises just typing about it? check and check.

Queens town is super small. But packed in there is bungee jumping, biking, hiking, super powered boat rides, wine tasting, hang gliding, and a few other outdoor adventures. You can walk the whole of downtown in about 30 mins. But that’s OK, within that small town square are lots of great restaurants and several ice cream shops for good measure 🙂

We spent the week resting, hiking, resting, biking, eating, resting, wine touring, resting, eating, and (me) taking a stunt plane ride for loop-de-loops over the lake. and eating.

Also, there are a LOT of ducks around Queenstown.

So to start us off, of course, food shots. The weeks theme was Lamb.Wine.Cheese. Somehow, seafood worked it’t way in there too, but that’s not a bad thing.


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  1. Wow, Queenstown really does sound fabulous. Thanks for sharing…


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