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The Ballad of Anton Casey

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Well, it’s been an interesting and gossipy week around here.

It’s seems this guy Anton Casey, posted a Facebook image of his son riding the MRT with a caption asking “Who are all these poor people” Later, when his car was repaired there is a new image with the son and a caption about life returning to normal if he can “wash the stench of public transport off”

Oh dear.

Well, needless to say none of that went over well. The internet reacted, MP’s in government commented (that would be like John Boehner commenting on something you tweet to the national press!), Mr. Casey lost his job and has since fled to Perth. All in the course of a week. Wow.

The stupidity and arrogance of his post is just stunning, as was his initial reaction to the uproar (more snark, very little apology). The swiftness in which he was run out of town is amazing, a testament to the speed in which Singapore can move at times to anything that disrupts the social order. Double so, if that disruption is coming from a Foreigner. Mr. Casey seems to have forgotten he was a guest of Singapore, and as with any rude guest he was shown the door.

I can only hope that his actions will not reflect too much on those of us who are happy to be here and who do appreciate all Singapore has to offer us.

Clever enough, one of the budget airlines Scott, made a special rate just to honor Mr. Casey and his retreat to Perth….



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