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Such is life in Singapore

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What’s life like in Singapore?

Life is like you are walking to the gym on Thursday night, when this cab stops in front of you and it’s your friend Alan.

Alan says to me, he says, Hey! How’s it going? I’m on my way to the airport, going to Vietnam for the day for meetings. And I says to him, I says, Hey! That’s cool, oh! grab me a Banh Mi sandwich from the street corner would ya? Those things are awesome. He says, yeah, they are,  he will try.

So your friend goes to Vietnam and posts on Facebook that’s he’s got the sandwiches. Only, his friends saw the post, and they too want a sandwich too because if you know the Banh Mi, you love the Banh Mi, and of course I asked for one for Paul so he comes back with 8 sandwiches, and you find yourself on a Friday night, drinking cider and having some laughs while you eat a sandwich which was just flown in from Vietnam. So life in Singapore is not a bad life I say.

Banh Mi greatness


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  1. If you lived near us in Chicago you could have bahn mi every day…only 1/2 block away.


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