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Free the turtles

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After the buffalo races we took a small tour of the area.

Our guide brought us to a turtle sanctuary where we met the local care taker who spoke with us about the turtles and what they were doing.

I’m unsure what to make of this set up to be honest. It consisted of a fenced off area with sand, where the eggs are placed to keep the safe after being laid on the nearby beach. Once hatched the baby turtles (hundreds of them?) are moved to three tiled pools for about 30 days so they have a better chance to make it out in the wild.  The whole thing smacked of a NGO set up, like some Gringos came in, said “Hey, you used to kill these things and eat them, but we will pay you to raise them instead” The care taker spoke some broken English to tells us about them and was quite nice, but the whole operation had an odd feel about it.

Lastly he took us to a shed where there were yet more turtles. Picking up a round plastic bin with about 15-20 turtles in it, we helped him carry it to the shore, where one by one you could pick up the baby turtles and place them on the beach to be swept away by the waves. Afterwards was a guest book, where you could fill out your name, where you were from, and how much you would like to donate….how convenient.

Regardless of how legit it may be, it was neat to see the baby turtles and to release them back to the water. Not something you get to do everyday.


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