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Farewell Charles

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Our dear friend Charles is abandoning us. Charles works with Paul and they story of how the universe brought us together is a nice one.

Way back in the day, when Paul worked in Memphis (in like 2003?), he knew Charles casually thru work. Charles is from New Orleans, I’m from Baton Rouge, so there was a slight connection there, owing to the fact that were were both “good people” from the South. Over all that time, while mostly just work acquaintances¬†we were happy to learn shortly after we moved to Singapore, that Charles was assigned here as well. Thus the beginning of a great friendship was started.

Charles did some traveling with us and was a gem. He was happy to let my more type A planning self make plans and was game to explore whatever adventure we were off to. Always ready with a little sass and a lot of laughter, it was great to have someone in town to pal around with. My favorite part about Charles is that he loves a good Vodka Martini. You should know though that he’s a purist (well, he was, he’s loosened up some). It must be Grey Goose vodka. Double. No Vermouth or olive juice needed. If you think that sounds an awful like just a double shot of Vodka, you would be correct. You should also know that Asia does not always have the best cocktail culture. Sure, you can get a drink, but it’s not always made they way it is in the USA where there is more experience with mixed drinks. Once we were at a tapas bar here in Singapore. Charles had a very hard time explaining he wanted a Martini, double vodka, no ice, no vermouth. The poor waiter did not know what to make of this. He heard Martini, but then once the ingredients were removed he was unsure what he was bringing. So he got the manager. Charles explained it again and the manager seemed to ‘get it’ Shortly a the drink arrived. Double shot but in a highball glass. Charles patiently called over the waiter. “This is perfect, but can you just put it in a Martini glass so I can drink it?” A man has to have standards.

You will be missed Charles. Thank you for the laughs, listening to Paul and I bicker like an old married couple, for going with flow during all the terrible inappropriate things I say over dinner, and for being our friend.

That sounds so final doesn’t it? Let me add Charles is hopefully headed to Shanghai for about 8 months so we’ll have him around this part of the world a little longer. I foresee a trip to Shanghai in our future….



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  1. Charles Gremillion

    Thank you for honoring me with my own post!  I miss you guys already very much. Just landed at Newark and looking forward to that first "real" martini!  

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