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Pink Dot 2013

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It was that time again. PinkDot 2013 rolled around. Alas, Paul was away in the US of A, leaving me by my lonesome. Luckily Colin, Ross and Don were around to go with me. It was the same as before but bigger than ever. Last year, 15,000. This year-21,000!!! Very cool, and touching to see as always.

There was a small concert, the best of which was the young woman who was a runner up to Singapore Idol. The only faux pas she made was saying she was nervous, looking at the crowd with some many ‘creative people’ I was unsure what that meant, but oh well. She had chops and sang better than any of the others.

The theme this year was Home. It was based on a National Day song,  about Singapore being home. Frankly it was a bit of a let down, kinda slow, and not really that exciting. It’s also a little depressing. The past events were better I think.

They opened with the Singapore national anthem ,which was really strange I thought, but JUST as they finished, a huge military helicopter flew over the park with a GIANT Singapore flag, LOL. They timed that well. The military is prepping for National Day coming up, and we have jets flying over the island right now. The same thing happened last year, but I think they got the time just right for this one (on purpose) so it was quite funny.

My biggest complaint was that once we all moved into the center of the park to form the Dot, it got really hot, and really crowded. That’s when the ambassadors decided to give very LONG, BORING speeches about how touched they were to be here. It was a nice thought, but too long winded and really bad timing. Give those speeches beforehand guys (and gals) They were losing the crowd and we were growing impatient to turn on our flashlights and take the photo. The Dim Sum Dollies were still the best to me 🙂

Some pics from the event, notice my super awesome Pink Superman shirt (which was perfect  because I had just seen the new Superman movie that morning)


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