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The boys from DC were here in March. They came for a cruise which started in S’pore and then ended in Hong Kong. So there was no choice really but to hang out with them here for a few days then join them in HK at the end of the cruise for a weekend. Right?

Most of them had been our way once before, but the old standbys still hold true. Fish Hear curry, chili crab, and satay street, plus a quick walk around town.

We showed them around, walked a bit, ate a lot, then put them on the boat.

Honk Kong came a week or so later and we just repeated all over again. The highlight was a trip to Maxwell’s for Dim Sum, delish! It’s in a HUGE banquette hall, and looks quite formal, but it’s not. The Aunites push the carts around and what’s nice is there is a sign on front with the English names so you know what they are offering.

We also spent a wonderful afternoon at Stanley Market. A bit touristy, but is has a great board-walk like atmosphere where you  can plop down at any of the cafes after an afternoon of shopping for a nice cook drink and watch the people go by.


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