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Kait and Simon

We had another guest swing thru our way. Let me say I heart these visits. It’s so awesome when friends and family swing thru our way.

Kati and her husband Simon were out this way for some fun and shopping in Bali. Kati is an interior designer living in NYC (jealous!) who also happens to be the woman who gave me my FIRST job in DC after I graduated. How cool is that huh? If not for her I would not have made it to DC, had lots of fun, met Paul, made wonderful friends there, and ended up here. So thanks Kati!!

Kati got to buy some things in Bali for both work and personal use, which I am very jealous about. Can you imagine getting to go thru all the amazing craft and wood shops in Bali and buying up those wonderful discoveries.  I would be hard pressed to give them up to clients, but of course that would mean I would have to pay for them as well. Better to enjoy the fun and spend other people’s money I think yes?

We took Simon and Kati out to Jaggi’s (surprise!) for some great, simple Indian food. Delish as always, all the better with the company.


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  1. I remember her! I interviewed with her as well!


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