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Newest addition-long day of shopping

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We’ve been looking around for a Chinese style cabinet for a while now (2+ years). Not that we needed it, but more because we wanted it. Like the Indian Sofa, it would make the journey back home with us some day (a long time from now).

We’ve been visiting a great store called Just Anthony. They have Chinese style reproductions and originals in a BIG warehouse space with good prices. The problem, alas, is that since we did not need it, we could never settle on what we wanted. So lots of looking, never any buying. We brought our friend Charles with us for his first time, and he walked away with cabinet his firs time there! Showoff.

But a few weekends ago we gathered Charles up once again and took to the streets, ready to make a decision. After wandering Just Anthony we did not find that perfect item, so we tried a new place I just heard about called Lee’s Antiques. She had a nice collection, good prices, and slightly more contemporary collection. But alas, still no luck.

Next up was a visit to Taylor B, which the wonderful Barbara  had told me about a long time ago, but I had never made time to visit. My mistake. Taylor B turned out to be one of the BEST home retail experience I have had in Singapore. They have three floors of furniture and accessories and great prices.  They are a hidden gem. I say hidden, because they have now website, no Facebook, and very little presence on the web. It’s only thru word of mouth that you learn about them. Luckily, we were successful! Too successful. We found several and had to figure out which one we wanted. It had been a long day so Charles found a chair in the corner to take a cat nap while Paul and I arm wrestled over which one of the cabinets would be coming home with us.

In the end nice little orange cabinet was the winner. A nice size, unique color, and some good carving. And he works with the Indian Sofa, so yay!





I was remiss to not give a better listing for these stores, sorry!

Just Anthony:

Taylor B:  No website, but you can use this Yelp entry to find the address and phone number,

Lee’s Antiques:




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  1. Good work you two – I love it!

  2. Charles Gremillion

    Love this. Love the mentions, LOVE the cabinet!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Very Beautiful! No pictures of the arm wrestling?


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