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Meet the Mantis Shrimp

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We met this little guy in Koh Samui.

Mantis in aquarium

On a dinner plate.

Strangely enough I knew of the Mantis Shrimp from a Podcast called RadioLab on NPR. It seems our friend has these amazing eyes that are WAY better that ours in taking in the visual spectrum. As a side, this whole episode was amazing and I highly recommend you check them out. We have Rods and Cones in our eyes right? They take in light and interpret it to our brains so that we see colors and shapes. BUT, some animals have more (or less) Rods and Cones so they see more (or less) than we do. Think about that. What we see around us is not what there IS, it’s only what we can process. Weird huh?

Anyway, naturally upon seeing him swimming around in the glass display, we decided we should see what he tastes like.

NOW! Before you go “awwwww poor little shrimp  let me tell you, this guy is a KILLER! He’s mean. He’s a bully. And eats other animals. He’s not a vegetarian. So, don’t fee sorry for him.

He has these nasty little punchers, that he jabs out to stun, kill, or crack open his prey. Yeah you read that, he cracks open his prey. Check out this vid of one going to town on a clam shell.

Still feeling sorry for him? Then check out this photo:

Paul and Mantis claw


Do you see those killer claws!? It was eat or be eaten I tell you.

Luckily, once subdued by the cook, split open and quick fried with TONS of garlic and chili, he’s a little slice of heaven. A bit tough to dig into (the shell is a little lobster like) the meat is delish. It’s meaty, tasty, and I look forward to having more. It did not hurt he was served up Thai style withe a lime chili dipping sauce.

Mantis Thai style


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