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Yoga in Koh Samui

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This weekend found us in Koh Samui, doing a yoga retreat of all things. Yes, we took a trip that was not based on seeing animals or eating.

We got the deal thru Groupon to visit Vikasa Resort (  It’s perched on the cliff overlooking the ocean with lots of steps from the top to our villa down below. Plus side, we were right at the water. Downside, after two days of yoga our poor legs were done in! Oh well. The classes were challenging, but quite enjoyable (well, when I was not dying that is). Paul takes yoga here in town, so he knew more of the poses then I did. Showoff. They do classes twice a day followed by a simple, but healthy breakfast buffet. Although I would have killed for a doughnut after all that hard work, I guess it would defeat the purpose.

Paul did not want to pose for photos, but we went back to the yoga pavilion after our classes so I could take a bunch. Below you can see a few of the poses that we did.

P.S. for those of you that do yoga, please point don’t out how bad my form is, I’m just showing a little of what we did, not setting myself up to be a yoga master. lol!

P.P.S. The last pose is called Corpse Pose, you can see how it got its name. Its how we always ended each session to relax, and after 1 hr of Down Dogs, Cobras, Warrior Pose, and God knows what else, it proved to be my favorite 🙂

Ryan does yoga


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  1. Did you grow an extra arm for that one pose? I could not have done that without an extra arm!


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