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Swimming with the fishes

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Hi Kids.

Where did March go?! A whirwhind visit from the Sisters, friends from the States, a trip to Mumbai,  Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong tossed in for good measure. Oh my. Some was work. Some was play. All was great.

We’ll start in the present, then re-vist the past later. Mainly because we are just back from Cebu with our friend Charles over Easter weekend. Our big (surprise) adventure was snorkelling in some of the most amazing blue/green/turquoise water I have seen in some time. It’s funny but for all our travels we rarely do a lot of ‘island time’. We are often off exploring temples or cities, or markets, or some such adventures so we don’t have a lot of beach time. Plus Paul always thought he would be uncomfortable snorkelling and breathing thru the snorkel underwater. I am happy to report that after our great experience he’s changed his mind.

Some family members may recall we have an underwater camera that we purchased after a mishap involving me and a hot tub… I like to think this trip made it all worth it.

We got a boat for the three of us (our own boat, with lunch, and gear for under 80USD per person! from 10am-4pm) and headed off from the hotel. Our first stop was Nalusan Island. It’s set up as a protected spot, so all the boats dock a short swim away, and they prohibit fishing and boats in the area. Crystal clear water and fish galore. Simply wonderful. We swam for a bit, fed the fishes some rice (courtesy of our Captain) and were just amazed by it all.  Next we headed to another nearby island for a bite to eat on the boat and then more swim time. While the first island had bigger fish and more coral, this second spot had more smaller fish who swam amongst us. Both were great and it was the perfect amount of time spent in the water. Plus the quick travel time (only 30 mins from the coast) made it a real treat.

So, below are the photos. Yes there are a lot. And yes, this is the cut back number from the 200+ photos that I took (with my underwater camera, ha!)


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  1. I love snorkeling and those reefs look amazing! Happy Travels

  2. I do hope you realize how fortunate you are to have these experiences. Just think: when you first came to DC you had never had broccoli or asparagus and now look at you go! Missing you but living vicariously.


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