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In the event of Monkeys….

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Singapore- Monkey Advice


This helpful flyer was passed under our door a few weeks ago. For the record we are too central to the business area to have Monkeys (yay! AND, awww!) I’m sure it’s for the best. Those guys scare the bejesues out of me. They are both very wild and very smart and they are not scared of People. That’s a recipe for crazy.

The advice portion is to me, quite amusing, and completely at odds of how I think an American advice column would appear. It’s not till item # 5 that they suggest you lock yourself away and wait of the monkey to leave. Item #7 advises that put your child on your shoulders to scare the monkey, I can’t help but feel that most advice in the USA would be to lock little Johnny and Suzy safely in the other room before dealing with the monkey, not bringing them into the encounter.

But what do I know, I’ve never had a monkey in my house.



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