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Bar Stories

About half way down Haji land is a magical little place. It’s called Bar Stories. There is no menu, there is no wine, and you can’t have a Martini, shaken, with just a hint of vermouth.

What you can do is answer a few questions from the bartender and surrender yourself for the moment to his creations. Spicy, Sour, Sweet, or Fruity? Start there and see where the journey takes you. Feeling like something with Mango? Just say the word and see what he can come up with. Curious what you can make with egg whites, rum, and berries? Let’s find out.

Each cocktail is hand crafted, takes time and love to make, and is a work of art. We love to sit at the bar and watch the concoctions come to life. Rosemary set on fire, then doused with  an icy drink of cucumber and gin. Egg whites whipped up and set atop a mango infused mixture garnished with cinnamon. A berry mojito severed crusted in ice with a raft of berry garnish. The guys are friendly (and cute) and will be happy to tell you what the are making and they seem to love a challenge. Sitting at the bar, it’s like dinner and a show.

Prices are a bit high, $22-25/drink, but you pay for the time and talent put into making unique creations. We don’t make a night of it, but it’s great for a nightcap with friends.


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  1. That sounds like a ton of fun! We are really hoping to come next summer (2014) to celebrate our 25 year anniv. Start thinking about it! We want to go to Bali too…all without children. Girls will stay with grandparents for 2 weeks!


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