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Well how foolish do I feel. Here I am rambling on about Jaggi’s and you poor dear folks back home have no idea what you are missing. Shameful.

I took some pics of Jaggi’s a few months ago and thought I had already posted on it. It would seem that is not the case.

So Jaggi’s. (Jug-gees, hehe)

Jaggi’s is on Race Course Rd, just a hop, skip and jump from our house. Race course features a mini restaurant row, with nothing but Indian Restaurants side by side. We’ve pass Jaggi’s several times,but as you will see from the photos it does not look very inviting, so we often passed it in favour of his neighbours  Luckily, Paul had a co-worker who was kind enough to bring us by one day and our world got a little brighter.

Jaggi’s is set up for counter service. There is no menu. No prices. No warm greeting as you enter, and no help for the uninitiated.  It’s North Indian, which means meat. Lots and lots of yummy grilled meats. Seating is a laminate top tables, utensils, if you insist on using them, are in a tray by the counter. On display are two rows of food. At the top, grilled tandoor chicken and lamb pieces in various flavours. Below in cafeteria style warming trays are the curries, veggies, and rice dishes. The counter staff rarely start the transaction  but once you say hello and ask questions, they could not be friendlier patiently answering your questions about each dish, since there are no labels.

After that, it’s all down hill, and just a question of how much damage your stretchy pants can handle in one seating. You order food to be shared, so an order of mint chicken tandoori,  some amazing eggplant “mush” for lack of a better word, that is eggplant layered in spices, grilled to submission and ready to be eaten up and large scoopfuls with your chapiti or aloo kulcha (like an Indian pita with potatoes bits) and you are good to go. Everything is given over on a tray after being put onto dishes and garnished and off you go.


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  1. Can’t wait to try it!


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