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Paul is better than me, but my language features a variety of slang terms that do not always translate. Many are the times I have found myself explaining my words and phrases to people as I travel around Asia.

It all started, innocently enough, with great Indian Food. There is a place called Jaggi’s near our house that we visit all the time. Great grilled tandoor meats. Sublime place.

So I shared with my Indian co-workers that Paul and I really like Jaggi’s (said Ja-gee-s). To which I was promptly corrected “No it’s Jug-gee-s”. As in Juggies. To which I promptly replied, that it sounds like an Indian Hooters. To which she promptly gave me a blank look.


Now I am left in a pickle. How does one explain what “Jugs” are in a polite way, in the middle of the office? Well if you are me, by jumping in feet first. So I said you know, like Hooters, with the girls. Another girl, this one from Indonesia, says “Yeah, what’s the story with them? What do Owls have to do with you know….pretty girls?” Oh dear. This cultural quagmire gets deeper and deeper. So here I am in the office explaining that “Hooters” is anther words for breasts, hence the play on words for Hooters. Then I have to explain that likewise Jugs are another word for breasts, thus when you put the emphasis on “Jug-gee-s” it immediately made me think of an Indian Hooters. Light bulbs went off, all was clear and I was given a look that said I should not be so ‘notti’.

I’m currently awaiting my Honorary Cultural Ambassador title from Hilary before she retires. I deserve something for my efforts I feel.


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  1. Funnneee! I have a mental picture of you with arms up, palms facing your chest as you move your arms up and down. I hope a meal at Juggies is on our itinerary.

  2. I was surprised that you didn’t use the word “boobies” in the story. That would likely have explained it all… 🙂

  3. indian co worker

    hahhaha…..he did mention “breast breast breast” few times…
    -his anonymous indian co worker


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