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So, one stereotype we spotted (and loved) were the Parisian going about their day with their baguettes in tow. The early morning visit to the baker to grab a loaf is quite charming. But for whatever reason, the bags for the baguettes only cover about 3/4 of the loaf. The Parisian just grab them and walk down the streets, bread in hand, or tucked under the arm, headed home. It was so French. Paul said we should get as many photos as we could and make a collage. Alas this great idea only came up about 1/2 thru the trip (and led to a few brief minutes hanging out in front of a baker) so we did not get as many as we wanted. But, for your viewing enjoyment I present Paul and Ryan’s People Carrying  Baguettes on the Streets of Paris Collection.

Paris baquettes


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