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Meet Jim

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Meet Jim

So, our biggest adventure in Paris was to have dinner at Jim’s House.

Who’s Jim you ask? We have no idea. Jim is an artist/writer/man about town who several years ago opened his home each Sunday to random strangers who find themselves visiting or living in Paris. Each Sunday night, he has a friend make dinner sometimes French, sometimes not, and strangers come together to meet, eat, and connect.

I discovered Jim thru a Google search on Secret Suppers and the next thing you know, there is a New York Times article on him, and an NPR recording. Lastly, he’s from Louisiana. If that’s not enough of an endorsement, well I don’t know what is. I promptly emailed him and got on the list.

NYT article:


Jim’s Website:

So Sunday night, we find ourselves headed to Jim’s place. Of course in true traveller fashion we were a bit tired, so we took a cat nap and set an alarm. Dinner was promptly at 8, so we (I) set the alarm form 6:30. Alas, there is that whole AM/PM thing and we soon drifted off only to wake 7:30!! oops! A quick dash around the room, dodging laser eyes from Paul, a frantic call to the front desk for a cab and we made it just in time! whew! Turns out it was OK, it’s served buffet style and you stand around the apartment mingling with other guests. There is a small courtyard so I bet in Spring time the crowd flows out there to talk more.

We had a nice lentil soup, some meat patties with greens, and a cobbler with desert, tasty food.

We met a recent divorcee, a woman from Asheville NC visiting her daughter who is studying in Scotland (they met up in Paris), a lesbian from Chicago out of a long term relationship looking to escape the “I’m so sorry” eyes of friends and family, a rep for a fabric line, a young gay man from Tehran studying Piano who can never return home, and a young lady who went to Cornell around the same time as Paul, lived in DC and worked at the Kennedy Center about the same time as some of Paul’s friends, but had never met. Small world.

It was an interesting night, and for once we were all strangers so it was not too weird to just walk up and say hi my name is Ryan, who are you? because we were all strangers. Jim was kind enough to open his home to us for one evening and for that little bit of time, the world was a little smaller.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening!


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