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Chikoo (Sapodilla)

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Let me introduce you to the Chikoo. Beside being fun to say, it’s a sweet tooth’s dream come true. They are tough to get just right, and have a VERY narrow window of ripeness, but when you hit that sweet spot, look out!

The inside is an orange color with a few smooth black seeds. The outside would never indicate such a heavenly interior, it’s a brown rough texture and not appealing looking at all. But inside. Oh my. When ripe, it’s a sweet, slightly grainy texture fruit that you can scoop out with a spoon and tastes like brown sugar. Really. It does. It’s good they are so small, they can be so sickly sweet, that if they were huge, it would be a waste. I should mention that once again, our friend Ryan S. introduced us to these, as they are grown in India as well as parts of SE Asia. But without him I doubt we would have given them a try, or known how to eat them.


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