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China Dragon

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Pun ahead, be aware.

In the park where Paul and I go for Boot Camp, they have multiple  events all year-long. What’s that? What is the “Boot Camp” reference I have so casually tossed in? As you may know, we love to eat. Alas, all that is catching up to us to in a city that is very hot, all the time, where we just don’t seem to get to the gym like we used to. So….we have joined a Boot Camp, where every Saturday morning we go for an hour of supervised activity doing a variety of exercises and cardio to get back into shape. It’s gruelling, hard, painful, fun, and exhausting. In that order.


In the park, they were setting up for some festival or another and they made all these dragon sculptures. Some were glitter, some paper that lit up, and some were mirror mosaic. But one stood out for being very creative and unique.

A Dragon, made out of Chinese ceramics! A “China Dragon” Look closely, everything is some piece of Chinese dinner ware, bowls, plates, small cups, even soup spoons all come together to make a blue and white dragon.


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  1. Boot Camp – I love it! At least it’s fun before it’s exhausting 🙂 Cool statues, too.


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