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Here Chicky, Chicky, Chicky

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This post may give you the wrong idea, so let me clear, there are very few animals running around Singapore. At least not where we are. We have a few stray cats (always with missing/broken tails?), I rarely see stray dogs, and there are for sure no live stock among us (take note India). Other parts of the island do have some monkeys, big lizards (BIG), and even a few wild boar, but for the most part it’s like any developed city, not much room for stray animals to go about.

But, as  I walk home sometimes,  I pass a lovely Hindu Temple, and for reasons that I don’t know, there are a couple of chickens hanging about. Not really exciting I know, but they are rather striking, with black bodies and white heads. They are, dare I say, pretty.

Recently they had some chicks, and the whole family was outside the temple pecking about.

It’s silly I know, but I’ve always liked animals so when I see any about town its a nice break from all the concrete and paving. A glimmer of nature that breaks thru all our efforts to sanitize the world around us.


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