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For the Birds

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For the Birds

Such a bad pun.

We had a nice public holiday here and rather than fly off to another country, we saved our vacation time and money and stayed local.

We (me) decided to take a trip to Jurong Bird Park here in Singapore. I had heard good things from my co-workers about the park and I was excited to check it out. Plus, it’s been a while since we have been exploring some place new in Singapore, so I was looking forward to getting to know my new home a little better.

The bird park is set up and run by the same group that do the zoo (I assume, based on the similar layout and feel of the place). We arrived early, before it got too hot and walked around a bit before seeing the Predators of the Skies show. Dramatic sounding huh? Actually the show is quite good. It’s good for kids, but it features big eagles and quick falcons darting about so it’s fun for the whole family. It proved to be quite entertaining, and the birds are very close, so you get to see them in action.

The oddest part was that in the centre of the open air amphitheatre is a….. sculpture? I hesitate to call it that, because it’s in fact a half decimated stone cow carcass painted grey with red splotches where the skin is ripped off to exposed rib cages.  Rather morbid way to start a Friday morning. It’s purpose became apparent when, near the end of the show the vultures were brought out and the handlers kept tossing bits of treat over the “sculpture” and the vultures hopped about pecking the treats up. You felt like you were on safari and watching the vultures pick at the real thing. I felt like the kids at the show were getting a real “circle of life’ education at that moment.

But aside of that surreal scene, the show was fun. And we had great weather, so it was good.

The other highlight is a visit to the Lory cage. A Lory, FYI, is a colourful  friendly parrot like bird. They have built a huge outdoor (but covered with a net high above) cage that you can walk thru on a suspended bridge with a small cup of honey water to feed these VERY colourful and chirpy birds. I must say, it was a delight. They are SO colourful.  Vivid reds, blues, greens, and yellows fluttering about landing on your hands and arms and pulling at your plastic cup to have a sip of water. It was neat.

After that we strolled the grounds and saw lots of colorful Macaws, flamingos, many exotic birds and a lizard. The lizard was just passing thru it seems, but still.

We started early, but were done around 12ish, just as it was getting super hot, so it worked out great.

Enjoy the pics.


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  1. How much fun is that?! I so wish we could all come visit…

  2. Very cool – thanks so much for sharing. Paul – I like your shirt 🙂


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