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Living la Dolce Vita….

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Few things are as nice as a Sunday brunch. Some drinks, some laughs, some more drinks, and the sudden pleasant realization that the afternoon has slipped away between it all.

Singapore knows how to throw a Brunch. Every hotel in town has an amazing Sunday Brunch, and the locals will get together to partake in them. This is different I think from America where brunch is more casual, at local cafes with friends and for sure we rarely go to Hotels. But here, it’s the thing to do. With lots of Champagne along the way.

We recently got a treat with a  gift card for Paul to go to Dolce Vita at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Sublime.

It’s a slightly differently set up from a typical lunch Buffet. There’s a list of menu items and they are sent out by the Chef in small tasting portions. If you like something, you can order it again, as much as you like. They start with about 10-15 starters, then pastas (about 6 or so) then the fish (3) then the meats (3). Whew. It’s gets better, the Desert is a buffet style. Are you loosening your belts just reading that?

We went, sat in a nice corner window, had some cocktails (oh, Bloody Mary, you are made for Sunday) and watched the sun pass by, and enjoyed amazing and wonderful Italian treats.

Here are some pics of the courses. You will see everything is in a nice sample size portion, but still after that many bites, you walk (waddle?) away quite stuffed.


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