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More Shrines- Hungry Ghost Month is upon us

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It’s Hungry Ghost Month once again. The 7th lunar month. The gates of hell are open, and our ancestors are walking amongst us. Not really haunting, just hanging out. Stretching their legs if you will. I have yet to see Vera (my grandmother, but perhaps I should put out some tea and a couple High Balls, just in case)

As such, there is extra offerings to be made around this time. Pop up shrines and offerings appear all over town. Paper money, sandals, cell phones, cars, clothes, and lots of other useful afterlife stuff is burned in steel drums all around town. Along side walk, in front of stores, and off to the side in alleys. ‘Tis the season…

This is perhaps the most littler I have seen since arriving. People grab wads of the paper offerings and toss them in to the barrel drums and containers to burn, in the process some falls out and scatters to the ground nearby.


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  1. Beautiful pictures. -Sue

  2. So is there a ceremony prior to setting the barrels aflame or are they burned at the end of each day or just burn continuously or how does that work?


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