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Custard Apples

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It occurs to me that with all the travel (so much, and yet still not enough) that I have not written about food lately.

Let me assure you, we continue to eat well here.

One of the things that is still great for us is that we live near the Tekka Market, which is a big wet market (one of the best if you ask me) and we have access to amazing fruits year round. Paul can (and will) go on and on about the joys of the Lychee. I discovered that I like Mangos and we eat quite a few of them here.

One new discovery is the Custard Apple. I think it was introduced to us by our friend Ryan S. when we first went to Vietnam many years ago. I don’t recall every seeing one in the States.

It’s big, a little larger that a soft ball, tapers slightly like an artichoke, and has a soft green scalloped skin on the outside. Inside is a white sweet, tasty, wonderful flesh with lots of smooth black seeds. Eating it is a little bit like eating a water melon, you scoop up a bite, and keep a bowl nearby to spit out the seeds. You don’t eat the skin, just the yummy part inside.

They are not cheap, about $7 SGD per, but it’s a nice treat for sure.


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  1. Grr, Now I want a custard apple. It’s been forever since I had one. You’re right, we were in Vietnam – and I introduced you to Chikus as well!


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