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Night Festival (last one)

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Night Festival (last one)

OK, our last Night Festival posting. The Best for Last.

Mylar is the name of this show, again from the same Argentinian group as before.

The performance takes place in a 25’x50′ rectangular Mylar (clear plastic sheet) surface suspended above the crowd. A little water is added and the dancers proceed to writhe, dance, jump, and throw themselves against the sheets to music. If they wore different costumes, it would be a great Vegas act. As it was it was still sexy, fun, intriguing, wonderful, and a delight to witness. To top it all off, as they are in above the crowd the surface starts to tilt back and forth with the water moving accordingly and the dancers sliding across the surface. Later on the whole plane lowers to within touching distance to the waiting crowd below bringing you face to face with the dancers. A wonderful piece of art that delighted the crowd. Can you tell I enjoyed it?

Enjoy the photos and the brief video to give you a taste of what it was like.



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  1. Very very cool! I am so happy that you are experiencing all of this and sharing it!


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