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Night Festival 2012 (part III)

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Night Festival 2012 (part III)

We are almost to the end of the Night Festival Posts. Promise.

The Festival runs over the course of two weekend, the first two blog entries were on our first weekend visit. The second weekend we went on Saturday night to see the Argentinian performance group Furezabruta perform two of their acts.

Both take place in the air, but both are quite different. The first involves a shimmering metallic fabric screen pull across a stage. Then the dancers, suspended by their waists are held perpendicular to the screen and run and dance across the screen as if it were the ground, rather than a wall. The metallic fabric takes on extra depth and dimensions when the lighting effects of yellow, red, and purple are shined against in it time with the dance. The over all effect is a magical performance and a slightly confusing 20 mins trying to figure out up from down….


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