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Night Festival (part II)

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Night Festival (part II)

Next on our Night Festival adventures we stepped over the National Museum of Singapore. In addition to being a great museum, for the Festival they offered the chance to be part of Internet history.

Have you ever gotten one of those emails showing the really neat side walk art. The images are drawn to create a forced perspective, so that there’s a big hole in the side walk or a tall tower, but in reality, it’s completely flat. It’s drawn in such a way that if you look at the drawing from the correct angle, it’s takes on a real 3D feel.

They hired that artist Joe Hill to make an image for us to see. So, in true fashion I lined up to take my photo so that it looks like I am about to fall in the hole created as a huge domed structure breaks thru the floor. I have a couple of shots to show what it looks like from different angles. It’s amazing, you really have to be in the right spot to see the perspective in the right view.


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  1. Wow! That looks so real…


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