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Night Festival 2012 (part I)

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Night Festival 2012 (part I)

Night Festival in Singapore is upon us once more. This, if you will recall, is a great outdoors event that takes place near the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and on the grounds of the Singapore Management University (SMU) just across the street along with the National Museum of Singapore. The museums are open for free at night and there are numerous art displays and live music/dance features that take place.

Our first posting will be about the Aquarium. I forget the official name, but it was one of my favourites. The artist took an old shop house store front, put in frameless glass for the whole front and then did a rear projection of a fish take with this great blue background. The effect is to have HUGE goldfish swimming along the shop house store front. And at night, the blue color contrasted against the orange of the gold-fish was very striking.  I got some cute shots of these kids going up and hitting the glass like it was a real fish tank, only these gold-fish are about twice as big as the kids so it’s looks quite funny. It made for a very nice installation and provided the perfect amount of whimsy to kick off our Night Festival adventures.



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  1. What great cute pictures. Clever fish tank!!!


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