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Penang – Malaysia August 2012

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Hi everyone!  Despite the fact that Ryan does most of the postings… I’m still in Singapore too, still having a great time and still traveling (and eating).   In honor of Hari Raya (or at least in honor of the three day weekend provided by the end of Ramadan) Ryan and I found ourselves on the Island of Penang, Malaysia.

After a VERY busy and much needed, trip back to DC, we both jumped back into work full steam; needless to say we needed (dare I say deserved) a beach vacation.  Luckily we found a great deal to Penang and booked it months ago – trying to plan ahead.

The resort was nice, not a Mandarin Oriental (we are getting spoiled) but very nice.  Directly on the beach – decent food and most of all a good spa and a pool 🙂  We were about 30 minutes to Georgetown – the city on the island.  We went into town on Sunday of our three day escape.  It was ridiculously hot and looked just like Singapore, but with shorter buildings.  Lots of shophouses, a pretty neat Temple (check out the size of the incense sticks) and hawker stands etc…  It reminded us so much of S’pore that we didn’t feel bad about cutting our walking adventure short and grabbing a taxi back to the hotel to lounge poolside with a book.

For me – the highlight of the trip was a yummy beach side outdoor restaurant with an amazing grilled fish.  Simple and delicious.  The hotel was located directly beside the ‘night market’ which is a gigantic flea market that starts about sunset.  At first we thought this could be a nice leisurely walk thru and maybe find something to bring back as a memory.  Well… not so much.  The market had about 5 types of stalls that repeated themselves about a hundred times. Imagine a stall of ‘luxury’ watches, a stall of T-shirts, then tacky wood carvings, then ‘luxury’ handbags, and then someone selling pirated CDs – now repeat these same offerings over and over and that was my impression of the night market.

Fortunatley my only requirement for the weekend was some R&R while listening to the crash of the waves upon the surf…. and that we had in abundance.

Take care all


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