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No, not the type you are thinking. Our condo recently got new vending machines. One is a soda machine. Happiness abounds, I now have quick, cheap access (only 1.20SGD!) to Diet Coke at a moment’s notice. Some of you may or may not know that I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke (Coke Light as they call it here). Paul jokes when I get cranky by asking if I need a Diet Coke and a snickers bar to calm down (the answer is often yes).

The other machine however is something rather new. It’s a bread machine. No, it does not make bread, but rather dispense in vending machine format, loaves of bread. You read correctly. Each day, according to the sticker, a nice man comes and delivers fresh loaves of bread, just like you might get in the supermarket, and voila! you can buy bread any time you need it. There’s whole grain, white bread, corn bread (nasty stuff, not the type you are thinking), and raisin bread (yum!) plus a few other pastry items. It’s all sliced in a bread bag, just like you see in the market.


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