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You want how much money for that?

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I’ve been meaning to post something about the cost of things here, but I always forget. And I’m bad about keeping receipts. Also, and this will kill you coupon clippers and budget watchers out there, but I just don’t keep track of prices that much. At least I did not used to. At home, if I wanted something from the store, chances are I would just grab it and move on. Pop tarts? Cereal? Cheese, Wine, olives, you name it. For the most part I knew how much money I had in my account and I would just buy as needed. It not like we got expensive things, and money was no object but we needed milk each week, so we got milk. Seemed easy enough.

Until we got here. Suddenly everything is new and you notice things like prices. Like the fact that Vodka costs $85!

So now I see prices and think wow that seems expensive. But then that thought is quickly followed by, gee how much did I pay back home? (Answer: I have no clue)

Oh well. We can still pay the bills, so I guess it’s OK, but there is some sticker shock.  The wet markets are CRAZY cheap compared to the supermarkets. We can get bags full of veggies and fruit for under $20SGD. In the supermarkets is much more expensive. In a way that balances some of the costs out.

I did snap this photo as we were at the airport. A bag (a big bag, but the same you would find back home) of Hershey’s (HERSHEY’S!!!) dark chocolate kisses…..20.50SGD$!

I wonder how much those are back home?


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  1. I waited to comment on this until I had been to Target to check it out – $2.89 for a 12.5 oz bag which is ridiculous because it used to be a 14 oz bag and prior to that a 16 oz bag. Food containers in general are getting smaller yet we as a nation contiinue to get bigger…


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