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We are back. Many of you would know this by now, but I thought I would mention it just in case. We’ve been back for about two weeks and are now back into the routine of eat/sleep/work/repeat as life moves ever forward.

USA was a good trip, great to see everyone ever so briefly. We had a happy hour in DC for all our friends, I saw each person for 5 mins at most then moved on to the new guests. I felt like it was speed dating for friends. I am very sorry we could not all catch up more, but it was great to see each and every one of you.

The questions asked many times, Did you miss it? Do you miss Singapore, What did you miss the most?

1) Surprisingly, yes I did miss DC. I forgot how green the city is, how wide the sidewalks are, and how sublime the weather could be. Even during a heat wave of 107 once the sun went down is was quite nice out. And I love that the Sun did not fully set until 8:30ish.  But did I miss it enough to pack up Mittenz and Paul and catch the next flight back…no. It’s missed, but there is not a hole in my heart, just a good memory. It will be there someday when we head back, in the meantime, it’s great to be off in Singapore exploring the world.

2) I missed a great deal about Singapore. I missed the Airport, the travel, the clean safe city, the Indian food, the great public transportation. Did I miss it enough to say this is our final stop? No. There will be new destiations for us. The weather will do me in at some point. I miss Seasons too much.

3) The thing I missed the most? Food. God I miss the Food of DC. The wave of farm to table New American cuisine is sublime. And Tex Mex. I miss you Tex Mex. From DC I miss the food. From Singapore, I miss the ease of travel to all the wonderful countries and cultures right at our doorstep.

So here we are, doing our thing. I have little of new things to share about our adventures here. I will try to get back to some of the day-to-day stuff that I have overlooked. With all the travel we were doing there was not much time to talk about Singpaore proper, but I have a few stories left to tell. And travel to take.

Here are some pics from good ol’USA.


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  1. Now that it’s been broadcasted that I’m the “#1 blog commenter” I feel I must comment. All I have to say this time is how great it was to see you guys – you are one of the things I miss 🙂 Can you send me that picture of Paul and I?


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