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PinkDot 2012

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Pink Dot rolled around again this year and it continues to be a huge success for the LGBT community in Singapore. When they first started 4 year ago, they had 2,500 people show up. Last year 10,000. This year, 15,000! How great is that. They picked up corporate sponsorship from Google and Barclay’s. This year the event was held at sundown, and everyone brought glowing flash lights (torches as they call them here), iPhones, LED lights, and lots of other fun things that glowed pink to fill the park with symbol that love knows no boundaries, and we all deserve to live our lives free from fear and intolerance.

We were joined this year by new friends which made it that much more special, and fun. The best entertainment came from Ivan Heng who will be staring in the upcoming La Cage aux Folles right here in Singapore! As a double treat we got to meet Ivan at a party just this weekend and tell him in person how great it was that he came out to support the effort. We also purchased ticket to see La Cage in early August, so that will be something to look forward to.

I hope soon they will have to find a new venue because the park is too small for all of the many people who want to come out in support. Fingers crossed.


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