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The joy of Facebook

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I hear a lot of people complain about Facebook lately. “I’m not interested in Facebook because I don’t want to see every silly post John/Jane makes about what they had for lunch, or what they are watching on TV…” is often what goes with that complaint.

Part of it may be my nature, but another part of it is that I am half way around the world, and I heart those kinds of posts at the moment. I love seeing what my friends are doing back home, what restaurants they are at, quick snapshots of them  hanging out, or goofing off. I love the hear that they are at my favorite dinner, or that they too are watching Glee and laughing at Sue Sylvester. Or better still that they have started watching a new show or listening to a new band and I should check them out.  These little things hardly warrant an email, but it only takes a second to share with your friends on Facebook, and I get to read them at my leisure (from 12 hours away) and see what’s going on.

Recently a friend of ours was heading to Hong Kong and he happened to post that update on Facebook. Low and behold, that was the same weekend we were meeting Denys there! We quickly exchanged some messages and all of us were able to meet up and spend the day together seeing the city. What a treat and a great surprise!

So, don’t begrudge those little updates. It’s the little things that make us happy.


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